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In this fast paced world, many people are getting more conscious about their health status. In connection to this, you should be very careful in using several drugs for your health. There are many health products that are toughly competing with each other in the market. With this, you must choose the best one that can give a more effective solution to your health needs.
To mention one, the M357 or the Acetaminophen and Hydrocodone 500 mg/5 mg-drugs is considered as the most in demand form of drug for health conditions.

Benefits of M357

Scientific studies revealed that the Acetaminophen and Hydrocodone Bitartrate can be very helpful in treating several health conditions such as back pain, body pain, rheumatoid arthritis, as well as cough. The latter drug is considered as a Schedule 2 controlled substance which falls under the Controlled Substance Act or CSA.

Basic Features of the M357

The M357 has strength of 500 mg/5 mg. It comes in a color white which gives a clean and elegant look in the latter drug. It has an elliptical and oval shape and is available only upon the prescription of a professional doctor. This belongs to the drug class of narcotic analgesic combinations. Meanwhile, pregnant women are not advisable to use the drug thus it may cause risk to them.
There are many companies that can offer you with the latter product. Even more important, to avoid any harm to your health, you must purchase the drug from a reputable company. To mention one, Mallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals is considered as the most reputable and trustworthy manufacturer of the latter drug.

Inactive Ingredients of the M357 pill
stearic acid
silicon dioxide
magnesium stearate
microcrystalline cellulose
corn starch

The M357 is also considered as a powerful and more effective analgesic thus it is tested and proven to heal several pains that many individuals these days are suffering from. This can help to reduce body pain and it is definitely an antipyretic. It falls under the oral administration.


The common dosage of the M357 pill ranges about one to two pieces each time for most adult as well as four to six times each day. On the other hand, you can also make adjustments if the pain that you feel may seem severe. But always remember that it must not be taken more than 8 tablets in a day, thus it may lead to overdose.

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M523 – Things to Consider in Using It and Its Effects on Pregnant Women

Some people suffer from pain in the chronic area. Many drugs have been discovered to treat the disturbing chronic pain. One of this is the m523 or the Acetaminophen/oxycodone. This is commonly used in the treatment of chronic pain and other pains that the body is experiencing. It is part of the drug class termed as narcotic analgesic combinations.

The Use during Pregnancy

Due to the drug’s great pain reliever capacity, it is also used by pregnant women in who are in their pregnancy stage. This means that the drug could yield some positive or negative effects on pregnant women. A study shows that constant use of the drug in long hours could have negative effects on pregnant women. The long hours of use will cause a kind of withdrawal that would greatly affect the condition of the mother and child. In this case, there will a sure case of effects in other parts of the body. The dosage should be the right one in order to avoid other effects that might affect the baby’s growth inside the womb.

It is recommended that a short duration range will have a good effect on pregnant women. In taking the m523, there must have an accurate subscription from the doctor to ensure that the right dosage of the drug will be used. Avoiding the side effects will result in a healthy growth of the baby.

Before using m523, you should keep in mind the following considerations:

  • Know the risk factors to be taken if you are pregnant or will be pregnant. This could lead to neonatal withdrawal that might affect the growth of the baby inside the womb.

  • If you are taking any other medication or food supplements, taking the drug might have a harmful result in the body.

  • If you have allergies to any kind of medicines, do not take the drug because this might result in a bad effect on any of the body functions in the body.

  • If you have a history of medication concerning asthma and other pulmonary diseases, it would be best not to take the drug.

Despite the high capacity to the m523 to relieve pains, it would be a wise thing to consider the possible effects that the drug provides. There must be the right and effective care in the body and this can be done with a great precaution in taking the drug. In knowing the high-risk and effects, you can be assured of a safe and healthy result.

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teva 149

teva 149

Are you looking for a medicine that can effectively address pain? Do you want to avoid any discomfort that you experience? If that is the case, you can count on Teva 149. It is also called a Naproxen that help relieve pain and swelling. It is used for the treatment of menstrual pain, joint and muscle inflammation, gout, and arthritis. Whatever your problems are, it is one of the ideal medicines you can take advantage of. It can retrieve the convenience and comfort you deserve a lot.

What is Teva 149?

Teva 149 or naproxen is considered as a prescription drug that is available in tablet, liquid suspension and delayed-release tablet form. When you want a generic Teva 149, there are no worries as you can get what you need. Usually, it costs less that makes it a perfect medicine for people who want to solve their pain-related dilemma at an affordable cost. Whether you encounter arthritis, gout, or joint inflammation, you do not need to endure the pain as there is a cost-effective drug that best suits to your needs.
When taking other medications, vitamins and herbs, you can take naproxen. However, you should have a doctor who will be the one to manage all your treatment medications. If you drink alcohol, never use the medicine to avoid stomach bleeding and ulcer.

Side Effects

When you do not follow your doctor’s prescription and advice in taking naproxen, there are many side effects that you can acquire such as stomach pain, constipation, diarrhea, heartburn, gas, nausea, vomiting and dizziness. To avoid that, you just have to follow your doctor at all times. If you have been doing things that are not advised by your specialist, you can acquire severe side effects that you cannot afford to encounter.

When you do not follow your doctor’s advice, you will suffer from more severe side effects that can put your life at stake such as chest pain, trouble breathing, difficulty speaking, high blood pressure, fever, skin rashes or blisters, lethargy and a lot more. If you have the same symptoms, the best thing that you can do is to call your specialist. With that, you will be able to protect your life from complicated issues in the near future.

Therefore, Teva 149 or naproxen is very beneficial for people who suffer from muscle and join inflammation, arthritis, menstrual pain and other problems. If you have the same situation, take the drug now with a doctor’s advice. Instead of experiencing any discomfort, it can efficiently address your problem.

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Pill imprint A333 has been identified as acetaminophen/oxycodone 325 mg / 10 mg

More than 30% of Americans and many more other people worldwide suffer from chronic pain and many of them are turning to opioid painkillers as a solution. For example, prescriptions for opioid painkillers have dramatically increased worldwide over past 25 years from 76 million prescription in 1991 to 259 million prescriptions in 2012. Just to have an idea of how many people that is, it’s enough to give each American his own bottle of a333 opioid bottle.

However, using opioid doesn’t come without consequences. These powerful drugs have a long list of side-effects and long-term effects.

First, what are opioids? Opioids are a class of drugs also called narcotic painkillers and are derived naturally or synthetically from the opium poppy. Some commonly used opioids are:


But the most common one is a333 opioid.

Opioids are prescribed for treating both chronic pain and more common kinds of pain caused by back injuries, headaches, arthritis and more conditions.

However, opioids don’t actually remove the pain, just decrease the perception of pain and produces a sensation of pleasure and well-being.

But what are the ugly side-effects of using these “painkillers”?

Well, the most common ones are constipation and nausea. Other commonly known side-effects of opioid using are sedation, dizziness, vomiting, tolerance and so on and so forth.

However less known are:

Muscle rigidity: the inability of muscles to relax normally, causing muscle pain as muscles stay contracted for a long period of time.
Gastroparesis : a problem also known as delayed gastric emptying as it slows or even stops the movement of food from stomach to the small intestine leading to pain, excess gas and even weight loss.

Long-term use of opioids can lead to serious long-term effects. Some of them are hormonal dysfunction and reduce fertility, libido and sex drive. It is advised not to use opioid for more than 6 months as you are exposed to many long-term effects that may seriously harm your body.

To wrap it up, a333 opioid is not such a good painkiller and even if it makes you feel better, just know that it slowly kills your body. If you start having side-effects, consult your doctor and see what alternatives you have. Substance abuse can kill, but taken in the right quantity, this a333 opioid can indeed help with your pain relief.

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Ip466 Pill – Use and Side Effects


Ip466 pill, also known as the Ibuprofen 800mg, belongs to non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs class; abbreviated NSAIDs. As a result of the presence of various pharmaceutical companies on today’s market, some ibuprofen pills may not look the same as the ones prescribed by your doctor. Generally, ibuprofen pills have a characteristic capsule or oval shape with a crisp white color.

You might have come across the name “Vicodin” referring to Ip466, but that is not correct since Ip466 is not a narcotic.

Use of the Ip466 Ibuprofen

Ip466 Ibuprofen found its use in everyday life of an average person thanks to the many positive effects it can have on your body. It is widely used in treatment of arthritis, back pain or dental pain and can sometimes act as an aspirin to control pain and inflammation.

Ibuprofen can also be used to reduce fever and treat muscle aches, cold and headaches. It usually comes in the form of prescription and can be taken up to four times a day.

Even though Ibuprofen is a common drug, no scientific study has completely described its mode of action and potential use.

Side Effects

As every other drug, Ip466 can also cause a wide range of side effects. There’s no rule on how and when these side effects can appear, so you should confirm that you’re aware of them every time you take a pill.


No one likes walking around with a painful feeling in their head. Before deciding to take Ibuprofen, you should take into account all the possible outcomes – which include heavy headaches. Even though headaches are considered to be one of the most undesirable side effects, they are still classified as less hazardous ones.


Ibuprofen pills may sometimes cause serious problems and upset your stomach. What’s even worse is that some similar side effects can occur – such as abdominal pain. Nausea can heavily exhaust your organism and force you to stay in bed for a couple of days.

Breathing Problems

Problems with breathing are classified as serious ones because you might sometimes feel like you’re short on breath. It’s also possible for you to feel some sharp and noisy sounds while trying to take deep breaths. You will probably easily notice any breathing problems if you try to do some exercises or play any sport. If you ever experience these side effects, make sure you visit your doctor to find the best solution.


Dizziness is the state of being unbalanced, which affects your sensory organs, especially ears and eyes. It is a symptom of imbalance in your organism – which is caused by the use of Ibuprofen in this case. Dizziness is one of the most common side effects. You should give your best not to get in a situation where you’re completely alone since dizziness could be quite dangerous at times.

Consult with your pharmacist or doctor to get to know all the possible side effects of Ibuprofen and recommended use.



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Teva 833

Teva 833

Teva 833 also known as Clonazepam is a medication used in treating anxiety, bipolar disorder, borderline personality disorder, burning mouth syndrome. Clonazepam is a controlled substance as people may abuse it which may lead to serious danger. For example, in 2011, more than 76,557 emergency rooms were visited because of clonazepam overdose.

However, many people who take clonazepam develop suicidal thoughts and unusual behaviour within a week of the treatment. So, after you start the treatment, it is imperative to tell your doctor if you have any thoughts of hurting yourself in any way. Or you should tell him if you have unusual changes in your mood and behaviour such as panic attacks, agitation etc.

Before asking your doctor for a prescription, you should tell him any conditions you have (if you have any). Avoid using clonazepam if you have severe liver diseases. There are other conditions that your doctor needs to know about such as: lung disease, difficulty swallowing, kidney disease, alcohol or drug abuse.

It is not advised under any form to use clonazepam during pregnancy! There is evidence that it might increase the risk for birth defects. Before starting to use clonazepam, tell your doctor that you are pregnant or may become pregnant. However, if you get pregnant during the treatment, tell your doctor right away.

Clonazepam has a lot side-effects. The most common ones are dizziness and behaviour changes. You should let your doctor know if you’ll have any of the following side-effects.

Frequent Urination
Loss of Interest in Sex
Memory loss
Decreased Appetite

Unfortunate events might happen and serious side-effects may occur. If you have any of these side-effects, call your doctor immediately or call 911.

Severe Rash or Hives
Trouble Breathing or Swallowing
Swelling of Your Face, Lips or Tongue
Chest Pain
Worsening Depression
Thoughts of Suicide

So, be careful and watch out for these side-effects!

In order to use clonazepam, carefully remove dissolving tablets from the foil packaging. It is imperative that you make sure your hands are dry and don’t push tablets through the foil. Put these tablets on your tongue right away. Your doctor will tell you the dosage.

In conclusion, please be careful when using clonazepam as it may lead to serious danger. Do not use if you are pregnant and make sure to tell your doctor all of your conditions before he gives you the prescription!

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pliva 434

pliva 434

Despite of the fact that there are many natural ways to deal with insomnia, millions of people continue to take a variety of over-the-counter prescriptions drugs whenever they find that they are having sleep problems. One such prescription drug is Pliva 434. This drug is also known as Trazodone which is the generic name for the drug Desyrel. Pliva 434 is an anti-depressant which is commonly prescribed for major depressive disorders and is also sometimes used to deal with insomnia. The problem however is that the two have become dissociated and, while it is one thing to choose to prescribe Pliva 434 for a depressive disorder with associated insomnia, it is quite another to use the drug simply to treat insomnia in isolation.

How Pliva 434 works?

Pliva 434 works in part by inhibiting the re-uptake or serotonin, which is a chemical produced naturally by the body and which plays a vital role of regulating the sleep cycle. Pliva 434 increases the level of serotonin in the body which acts as the body’s natural sleeping pill. It would seem perfectly to use a drug that increases the body’s own natural sleep aid to cure insomnia.

Side Effects of Using Pliva 434

Side effects will clearly vary from one individual to the next but, in general, the common side effects of Pliva 434 are blurred vision, sweating, muscle pain, nervousness, constipation, stomach upset, congestion, headache and sleepiness. In some men, it can cause a long-lasting and painful erection, which may require emergency or even surgical treatment with permanent damage often resulting. For most people, Pliva 434 works wonderfully well in the very short-term and will certainly help them to fall asleep and also to stay asleep through the night, enjoying a greater degree of deep sleep. It is the following morning however when the side effects tend to set in. In many cases, this means a congested nose, feelings of tiredness and grogginess.

Insomnia is a very common problem which affects millions of people both in the short-term as transitory or occasional insomnia and in the long-term as chronic insomnia. In most cases however drugs will only ever provide a very short-term solution and the longer-term use of drugs will invariably make matters worse, rather than better. If you do feel the need to turn to drugs in the short-term to help with the symptoms of insomnia, then choose a drug that is designed specifically for sleep problems and not Pliva 434 which should only be used to treat insomnia.


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pliva 433

pliva 433

PLIVA 433, also known as Trazodone Hydrochloride 50 mg, is a pill used to treat insomnia, depression, anxiety, fibromyalgia and more. The drug belongs to the class phenylpiperazine antidepressants. Trazodone can help improve your appetite, mood and energy levels.

At the same time, taking this pill is said to decrease insomnia and anxiety related to depression. This is because trazodone helps in restoring the balance of the natural chemical in the brain, the serotonin.

Dosage and Administration of Trazodone

The dosage for taking trazodone has to be started at a low dose, which is gradually increased while noting the medical response to the medicine administrated. Any signs of intolerance of the medicine should be noted as well.

If there is an incidence of drowsiness, it may indicate that there is a need to administer a major percentage of the everyday dose at time for bed or it may also mean the need to reduce the dosage. Trazodone must be taken after a mealtime or a light snack.

The initial dose when taking trazodone is 150 mg per day. The dose should be taken in divided dose and then amplified by 50 mg/day within every 3 to 4 days. For outpatients, the maximum dosage must not exceed to 400 mg/day and in allocated doses.

On the other hand, for inpatients, which are the most depressed patients, must not be given more than 600 mg/day in divided dose. When adequate response can be seen, the dosage can be progressively reduced.

Warning and Precautions

When taking trazodone, patients who have major depressive disorder might experience getting worse of their depression. Similarly, there may be a development of morbid ideation and unusual changes in their behavior.

This risk may persist until a remission occurs. Suicide is known risk of depression and with that, such patients with major depression must be monitored regularly as there is risk that taking antidepressants like trazodone or PLIVA 433 can worsen their condition.

Maintenance Treatment

Trazodone’s efficacy for maintenance treatment for major depressive disorder has not yet been evaluated. There is yet any evidence that can answer how long does a patient treated with trazodone hydrochloride tablets must continue the drug.

But it is generally recommended that the treatment is continued for a few months after the occurrence of initial response. But patients should be maintained in the lowest effective dosage while being periodically reassessed in order to determine if there is a need for continued maintenance treatment of PLIVA 433.

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4839 v

4839 v

Chronic pain is torment that keeps going quite a while. In medicine, the refinement amongst intense and chronic pain is now and then dictated by a discretionary interim of time since onset; the two most generally utilised markers being 3 months and 6 months since onset, however a few scholars and specialists have put the move from intense to unending torment at 12 months. Others apply intense to torment that keeps going under 30 days, interminable to agony of over six months term, and subacute to torment that endures from one to six months. A prevalent option meaning of ceaseless agony, including no self-assertively settled length, is “torment that reaches out past the normal time of recuperating”. Epidemiological reviews have found that 10.1% to 55.2% of individuals in different nations have incessant agony.

If you have this pain, you should treat it immediately. Tell your doctor your symptoms and he’ll most likely prescribe you medicine for it. It is difficult to treat and may last some time in your body. Some people are under opioid treatment while others are damaged by it.

So , the following pill should help you, however, talk to your doctor first and be sure to tell you any other allergies you have/problems. You cannot have this pill while pregnant as it may damage the baby long-term.

The pill 4839 V has been classified as Acetaminophen and oxycodone hydrochloride 325 mg / 5 mg. Acetaminophen/oxycodone is utilised as a part of the treatment of constant torment; agony and has a place with the medication class opiate pain relieving blends. Hazard can’t be discounted amid pregnancy. Acetaminophen/oxycodone 325 mg/5 mg is named a Schedule 2 controlled substance under the Controlled Substance Act (CSA).

However, 4839 V has small side-effects commonly known:


It also has some bad side-effects but they are very unlikely to happen. Moreover, this is actually one of the best pills to reduce the pain from chronic pain. Be careful that overdosage may cause dependency and may lead to serious damage to your body.

To wrap it up, if you have chronic pain make sure to contact your doctor immediately and set an as soon as possible appointment. Before he gives you a prescription, ask him if you can take 4839 V and ask him for a more in-depth description of the product, as well as side-effects.

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watson 349

watson 349

Watson 349 – Uses and Side Effects

Watson 349 is a pill, which can be categorized into a Vicodin, Hydrocodone and an Acetaminophen. It is widely being used in order to treat pains. In fact, Watson 349 is prescribed for the individuals who have rheumatoid arthritis, pain, back pain and cough. This drug falls into the category of narcotic analgesic combinations.

Frustrating pains can create a tremendous impact on the daily schedule of people. A variety of drugs are available for the people to get rid of pains and Watson 349 holds a prominent place out of them. The ability of this drug to deliver a quick relief against pains has contributed a lot towards its popularity. However, it is important for the people to be aware of its negative effects while using the drug. In fact, the doctors who prescribe Watson 349 take necessary measures to increase awareness about these negative effects as well.

Watson 349 is well known for its addictive properties. Therefore, people should be aware of it when they are using the drug. Otherwise, they would get addicted to this drug, which can lead them towards a variety of negative consequences. Once you get addicted to Watson 349, it is difficult for you to get rid of it. Therefore, it is extremely important to take in the drug in an appropriate manner so that it would not be an addiction. Moreover, it is important for the people to follow the recommended dosage of Watson 349 as well. Taking the drug more than the recommended dosage can create a negative impact on the liver. You should also be careful enough not to share Watson 349 with any other person. It can lead that towards person a drug addiction. On the other hand, if you share Watson 349 with a person who is already addicted to drugs, you would make the conditions even worse.

While consuming Watson 349, it is important to be aware of its potential side effects as well. In case if you notice redness in your skin after taking this drug, you should seek for medical assistance as soon as possible. Otherwise, it would spread throughout your body and lead you towards peeling or blistering. Moreover, you need to be careful before you consume Watson 349 as well. In fact, you should stay away from tranquilizers, alcohol, sedatives and any other narcotic medications before you use Watson 349.

Watson 349 is one of the most useful drugs available out there in the world. It can deliver instant relief for the people against a variety of pains. Moreover, it can also help pregnant women to make their lives easy during delivery. However, the drug should be consumed under medical supervision. Otherwise, it could lead people towards addiction, which can give life to a variety of negative consequences. For example, getting addicted to Watson 349 could ruin the life of an individual. Therefore, people who use Watson 349 should be extremely careful about these consequences.

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